Mtali Project
345.00 1,200.00

This product will provide you with a digital presence that will up your game in every category.

+Custom Website

  • Landing
    • Dramatic landing to feature Mtali 
  • Events
    • Calendar to see touring dates and make reservations
    • Ability to purchase tickets from venue, or directly through the site linked to Stripe

  • Music
    • Streaming (embedded from soundcloud or locally hosted)

    • Purchasable library with downloadable art

  • Merch
    • Beautifully display and sell products.

    • Easily add new products, analyze metrics, and remove products as needed. 

      • (If desired, this can be connected to a drop shipping service, enabling you to be hands-off: product is purchased and distributor ships to customer direct from their inventory)

  • Blog
    • Ability to write blog posts about writing, recording touring etc. 

    • Connected to social media accounts enabling you to write a blog post and have it automatically post to Twitter and Facebook 

  • Booking
    • Custom form tailored for contacting you about booking giving you the required information up front.

  • Social
    • Auto-populating gallery from Instagram

    • Buttons to follow and like across social media


    • We will meet for a discovery/working session in which we will intake your information, discuss your objectives, determine what work you'd like to feature most on your website, determine what products merch you want to sell (if any), review your social media profiles (that you use professionally), note your aesthetic preferences, and (re)write your bio.
    • You will send me your current artwork and links to the url's and or files of all music we want to share.
    • I will write a final version of your bio (~200-250 words), compile your current artwork, and produce a working style guide based off your current aesthetic
    • I will lay out your website utilizing the working style guide, and send it to you for review.
    • We will work collaboratively to fill out the remaining sections, discuss a strategy for posting on social media, and connect all accounts 
  3. DELIVERY (Delivery Time On Case by Case Basis)
    • I will transfer the website to you with full administrative capability. 
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